by /u/poVRert


- Completely rebuilt in Unity
- Replaced inaccurate Fisheye with new Equirectangular projection
- Custom threaded TGA parser (still supports JPG for legacy projects)
- Drag & drop project folders on the EXE or the window
- Custom watermark.png and shadow.png overlays are auto-loaded from project folders
- Source and output resolutions completely decoupled
- FOV layers now blended at edges to hide seams

- New support for mixed resolution pairs. When mixed resolutions are detected (135 fov images with lower resolution than 175 fov images), the resolution of the 175 fov images is used for processing and the resolution of the 135 fov images is used for saving. Suggested use is rendering 135 fov images at 1080p and 175 fov images at 2160p, to produce 1080p frames with more detail in the periphery.
- New lens config XML file. All resolution-specific values are now exposed in data/resources/config.xml. For more information on the lens algorithm, see here:
- New process settings XML file. All toggleable settings are saved when you start processing frames. They will be reloaded next time you start the application.
- Config+Settings can be manually reloaded by pressing "R".
- New progress bar at the bottom of the window.
- Improved instructions legend now displays the status of all options.
- New film grain filter option. Toggle with "G". Adds random noise to frames based on luminance. Feel free to edit the shader in the data/resources/ folder.
- New bloom filter option. Toggle with "B". Adds bloom to frames. Feel free to edit the shader in the data/resources/ folder.
- Shortcut to open data folder from inside app by pressing "O".
- Enabled export options for .tif and .tga
- Detects completed frames left over after a crash. Resumes processing on the last completed frame, in case it was corrupted.
- Fixed bug with duplicate watermarks on first frame after changing watermark location.

- Better resolution support. Now works with 720p, 1080p, and 4K (2160p) images.
- Error message displayed when unsupported dimensions are detected.
- New vignette options. Toggled by pressing "S". Switches between no vignette (default), narrow vignette, and wide vignette. Useful for dark scenes or just blending away the scene edges.
- Fixed bug with watermark not going away on re-processing after turning it off.
- New version alert. When a new version of SFMVR_STITCH is published, users will be notified upon starting their older version.

- Now always runs in a 1000 x 500 window. Still outputs full-sized images, but scales them down for display during processing.
- Added a warning message when TGA files are detected. Apparently TGA files load very slowly (up to 30x more slowly!), so please consider converting them to JPG beforehand.
- Fixed .DS_Store, Thumbs.db, and .TXT file filter.
- New option to apply FXAA to finished images (off by default, can be toggled by pressing "A") If you don't like FXAA, feel free to implement whatever post-process AA you want by editing the shaders available in the data/resources/ folder!
- New watermarking option. Toggled by pressing "W", and toggle position with "Q". Create your own watermark by editing the image watermark.png in data/resources/

- Speed improvement from loading images in non-blocking threads.
- Now correctly using the sides of non-1:1 135 fov images, instead of (incorrectly/partially) cropping them off before the warping stage. Should result in more fine details.
- Now reports mismatched resolutions instead of a hard crash.
- Now reports total processing time at the end.
- New visualization animation, can be turned off by pressing "V" (drawing red dots in square is loading image, drawing white dots is processing image. 99% of the time is spent loading images, but the processing & saving is fast. No idea why this is! Just JAVA things!)

- First public release.